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Here's some lists:

Top Five Concerts Attended:
5. My First Barenaked Ladies Show
4. My First Ani Difranco Show
3. My Second Ani Difranco Show
2. Q101 Jamboree 1996
1. Five Iron Frenzy/John Reuben/Relient K

Top Five Things You Do Every Morning
5. Shower, duh...
4. Put on my accessories (bracelets, watch, necklace, etc...)
3. Check my friends' livejournals, diaries, check my email, check website updates.
2. Pick my CD to carry around with me.
1. Sit in my chair in a towel for a while after I shower, IMing with people :)

Top Five Smells
5. Most flowers (some do smell bad)
4. Warm Pasta w/sauce or other good foods (like chicken)
3. My Cologne
2. Fresh Melon Scents
1. That Vanilla girl perfume. I'm a sucker for that...

What are yours?
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