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I'm new . . . in a way...

I've been watching this community for a bit, but I could never think of anything to put as top 5 things, so I took an hour or so and made up these wonderful lists, comment if you want to add your insight. =)

Top 5 songs to listen to on Rainy Days

1- The Beatles- Rain
2- The Who- Behind Blue Eyes
3-The Doors- When Your Strange
4- Guns n Roses- November Rain
5- Ben Folds Five- Brick

Top 5 most annoying songs to have in your head

1-Eddie Murphy- Party All the Time
2-Katrina and the Waves- Walking on Sunshine
3-Starship- We Built This City
4-Men At Work- Down Under
5-Don Johnson- Heartbeat

(Hm...two of them are actors, does that say anything to you? Maybe they should stick with what they were born to do . . . act maybe?^_^ Not to say I don't run around my house singing walking on sunshine, but it's kind of annoying when you don't know any other words than, "I'm walking on sunshine...whoa!!" yah...)

Top Five songs for Unrequited Love (trust me I know)

1-The Moody Blues- I Know your Out There Somewhere
2-The Moody Blues- Go Now
3-The Beatles- It's only Love
4-Squeeze- Is that Love?
5-Radiohead- Creep

Top 5 Favorite Books (at the moment)

1-Jane Eyre-Charolette Bronte
2-The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit- J.R.R. Tolkien
3-Harry Potter Books 1-5- J.K. Rowling
4-1984- George Orwell
5-Bartimeaus Trilogy-Jonathan Stroud

Top 5 Favorite Actors

1-Jack Black (School of Rock, Envy, etc.) god I love him...
2-Sean Asten (The Lord of the Rings, etc.)
3-Jake Gyllenhall (Donnie Darko, The Day after Tomorrow, etc.)
4-Ed Burns (The Brothers McMullen, She's the One, etc.)
5-Jim Cavizel (Count of Monte Cristo, Passion of the Christ, etc.)

Top 5 Favorite Scents

3-Hazelnut/ coffee
4-Cut Wood
5-The Smell of his skin

and this one is just for fun...

Top 5 Reasons why I hate my Ex (Josh, I don't hate you, but I strongly dislike you..)

1-Told me I deserved to die and I was a horrible person
2-Tried to make me change religions
3-Tried to control me
4-Said I had no friends and that everyone hated me
5-Whined and cried too much (guys can cry . . . just not as much as him.)

Hope you all enjoy my little insights, and I'm happy to finally update this. Took me awhile but I did it.

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